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Introduction in English


 Welcome to the Home Pages of Kokkolan Yhteislyseon  Lukio (Upper Secondary School).           



        Address:                                         Torikatu 41A

                                                               67100 Kokkola



        Head teacher:                                  Mr. Raimo Lammi MA

                       Telephone (in Finland) 06-8289621



        Head teacher of adult education:      Mr. Panu Kela M.Sc

      Telephone: 06-8289620


        School office:                                   telephone number (in Finland)06-8289620

                                                               Secretary: Anita Kauppinen


                                                               Telefax: (06) 8223 080


Kokkolan Yhteislyseon Lukio School is a Finnish speaking Upper Secondary School for boys and girls between the ages of 16 and 19. The school is situated alongside one of the many attractive parks in the centre of Kokkola. The premises are shared by the Yhteislyseon aikuislinja, (a separate unit for adult education), as well as by Länsipuisto Comprehensive School.

Founded in 1898, as the first Finnish speaking Grammar School in the area, the school respects the traditions of the past, while looking steadfastly towards the future. Number on roll is about 350 students, and about 30 teachers. The annual intake is around 120 students.


The national curriculum for Upper Secondary Schools is followed, emphasising the following three areas:

1. Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Information and Communications Technology).

2. Physical Education: besides conventional Physical Education, there is the possibility of specialising in, for example, indoor hockey, golf, track and field sports, orienteering, skiing and swimming.

3. Ball games: there is a choice of the following ball games - ice hockey, football, basket ball, golf. Professional training can be given and there is the opportunity to reach national levels.

In common with all other Upper Secondary Schools in Finland, we offer a       wide choice of languages.

                                        1. English, Swedish and German to Advanced level

                                        2. German, French, Russian and Latin to a basic level

Studies can be combined, taking courses from Upper Secondary Vocational Education and Training. By combining, it is possible to obtain qualifications both in the Matriculation Examination, and Vocational Upper Secondary Qualification, within four years.

The school’s most important educational aim is to provide the possibility of the continuation of study in higher educational institutions.

At the same time, the personal development of every student is accorded a high priority.

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